Eleven people were killed in an attempted coup in Guinea-Bissau

2022-06-24 0 By

Dakar, February 2 (Xinhua)Bissau – Eleven people were killed in an attempted coup in Guinea-Bissau on Monday, tourism Minister and government spokesman Fernando Vass said Tuesday.The dead include civilians, soldiers and members of the security forces, Vass said at a press conference on Sunday evening.He accused those involved in the coup of trying to “create chaos in the country” and promised an in-depth investigation into the attempted coup.Defense and security forces played a role in thwarting the coup and showed courage and determination to uphold the constitutional order, Vass said.Heavy gunfire was heard near the guinea-Bissau government building on Sunday afternoon.President Embaro Ngubaro, Prime Minister Nabyam and other members of the government were meeting at government house.Mr. Embaro later told a news conference that the attempted coup was linked to his crackdown on drug trafficking and that several coup participants had been arrested.Xinhua News Agency learned from the Chinese Embassy in Guinea-Bissau on February 2 that the embassy issued two safety warnings to the Overseas Chinese in Guinea-Bissau to take safety precautions.So far, the Chinese Embassy has not received any reports of casualties or property losses among overseas Chinese.(after)