Not all encounters will have results, to learn how to love yourself

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I once thought that this life would be very long, but as long as I have experienced something, I know that life is not long. People who once said forever can also leave you, and beautiful things are always staying.When you reach a certain age, you must learn how to love yourself. You can’t let some unimportant things consume your life. You can’t live in vain, can you?Most of the time, you encounter things, but the scenery in your life, miss, let it stay in the past, keep moving forward, you will have a new life.Later road, not everyone will accompany you, you always have to learn to go through a period of time alone, to please yourself, life will have more beautiful things.01, When you get to a certain age, you have to see the relationship around you. When I was young, I really liked making friends and wanted someone to accompany me to do a lot of things, so that I would not be alone. But when I grew up, I found this kind of company really superficial.It just wants to not be alone, and it hasn’t developed into a true friend, so it can’t stand the test of time.Therefore, if you want to live a happy life, there is no need to force yourself to maintain some relationships that are not true, there is no need to please who, you should live your life for the rest of your life.There is no need to care about other people’s opinions, more to feel their own emotions, so that their unhappy things do not do, more for their own sake.Arrived certain age, maintain oneself life as far as possible, do not suffer the influence of the person around easily, the joy that wants oneself life only is the most important.How can you love someone properly if you can’t take care of your emotions?02, You have to live for yourself Human beings go through life just to be happy, but many people in the end just to live, and finally just live a mediocre life.You have to learn to find the most authentic you, live the life you want, and be with the people who are worth it.A person should have his own life focus, not just around the mood of others and live, when you manage your life well, what you want will come to you.All you do is to get the happiness you want. There is no need to compromise yourself for other people’s emotions. The people who like you will always like the most real you.Love is not need to disguise, love each other in the relationship, each other is the best existence.Life is limited. Your time and energy should be spent on someone who is true to you, rather than just wasting your life.The rest of your life is not long, so don’t live up to yourself and the people who love you.Sometimes, what you pay sincerely will not be treated well by all people. This is human nature. After seeing some relationships, there is no need to wronged yourself.Some people, just walked through your life, let it become the past, in memory is good, blindly reluctantly will only make yourself sad.Love yourself is the best rest of your life, learn to cherish the present people, and spend the rest of your life happily together.Author: Dye xia Yingzi, a girl like text and tea, free writer, your emotional story I to interpret, can consult, welcome to pay attention to, like, collect, comment and forward ah!