Ice, campfires, night Tours, a tour of ba Shan Grand Canyon

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A person’s travel is a journey, a group of people’s travel is carnival.One bus, 30 people, 500 miles.This tour of bashan Grand Canyon is a good start to 2022.It is still a long way from Chengdu to Bashan Grand Canyon. You set off in the morning and arrived at the hotel in the late afternoon. After dinner, you just caught the bonfire of mulberry tree ping.A group of people around the campfire singing and dancing, here will not dance is not important, as long as follow the rhythm, follow the feeling on the line, big friends and children hi together.After watching the bonfire party, next to the night tour bashan, although before to bashan Grand Canyon, but the night tour bashan is the first time to come, a light to create the night tour feast.As soon as you go into the corridor, you will be covered with blessings and get a good fortune in the New Year.Beyond that, rose meadows, blue rose meadows, romantic.Firefly Forest is one of my favorite places, the visual effects are super stunning, although it is made by lighting, but it looks very realistic.There are a lot of interactive punch points, flower dance forest, Ba Guoku hunting ground, etc., BA Guoku forbidden place is I dare not touch, walking in the night is really too scary.The top of the ba Ren cave, is a warm winter and cool summer place, although the snow outside the cave, but the cave is very warm, like open air conditioning general.Sky sky ski Resort — Yunding Feidu glass Bridge In the morning from mulberry Shuping tourist center take scenic bus to compass top, in the mountain road not only 18 bay, but also need to transfer to compass top ropeway.Follow the ropeway up and immerse yourself in a world of ice and snow.Compass top ski resort is the first stop of compass top play, the rope out to go down you can see, if you do not know, there are roadside staff with horns to remind you how to go, really very intimate.Because we have a lot of children, in the play snow area to play snow, snow bike, snow conversion, and snow swing, play really a lot of projects, the original children’s play projects so fun.After lunch, I went to the Top Yuanlou. All the children in my family suggested to climb here and climb up the stairs. Every step I crossed meant I crossed a learning obstacle and finally climbed the Top Yuanlou.Since the ropeway is closed until 5pm, it is generally recommended to visit the ski resort first and then fly over the glass Bridge at Genting on the return trip.The longest glass bridge in the world, the biggest drop, must come to experience experience ~ when everything around is covered with ice and snow, glass bridge across the valley, from a distance, there is a kind of left behind and independent quiet beauty.The glass bridge is very long, it took a long time to walk to the middle, walking on it, at the beginning is really very afraid, but as long as you look at the distant scenery, not under the glass, everything seems not so afraid, brave head of head and finally finished.”Dream back to Pakistan” in the evening at the ferry town to watch “Dream Back to Pakistan”, it is said that this is hawen director team for the director, full row.If you want to feel the Culture and customs of Pakistan immersion, then I suggest you must come, in addition to the plot, the stage effect is really a great.On the third day, WE planned to go to taoxi Valley for a walk. However, considering that there were a lot of children in our party and we had to go back in the afternoon, we had a fun in the Parent-child paradise of Ba tribe opposite the hotel.Here is really a paradise for children, karting, jungle train, merry-go-round, trampoline, etc., play to the back of the children do not want to go, more.Hotel recommendation: Yunwu hotel hotel room is sufficient, and breakfast is available, the overall is also very comfortable, it should be noted that the hotel air conditioning please remember to help you adjust, otherwise you can not feel the temperature.Food recommendation: Tujia impression hotel here wax pig’s feet stew is really delicious, there are some steamed dishes, fried dishes, super appetite.Be sure to come here while you still have the chance to play ice and snow. Remember to drive or take the bullet train so that you have less time on the road