From 0-1 to 0-2, China’s national football team once again crushed Japan in the World Cup

2022-06-20 0 By

Fantasy is always beautiful, from Li Tie to Li Xiaopeng, for hope.Change can always give people hope.Before this match, the fans have already had the result in their hearts, but their hearts are still not dead. This is originally from love, and it is because of love that there are fantasies.All say li Tie does not reuse naturalized player, at least Jiang Guangtai and Exxonmobil or iron main force.Li Xiaopeng may know the results, Exxon did not return, luo Guofu because of some reason, also returned to Brazil.In the starting players, only Jiang Guangtai a naturalized player starting, Alan substitute.Li Xiaopeng did not learn from the experience of Li Tie in the first round against Japan. In the first half, he was beaten and lost 1 goal. In the second half, he did not strike back.The final 2-0 defeat to Japan, the manager has changed, and there is no hope, with Australia’s 4-0 win over Vietnam, Saudi six games to 16 points, 15 points from seven games in Japan, Australia 14 points a game 7, the team’s all three games is 14 points behind, because the outcome, not more than the Australian team, the team’s thorough and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to say goodbye!After the game, Li Xiaopeng also expressed responsibility for the loss.For the National football team, not into the world belongs to the normal operation, into is a miracle, after all, so many years, only in 2002 into the World Cup, do not always hope for a miracle.Before, always at the last moment and the World Cup missed, but now early and the World Cup goodbye, can only say that we and the World Cup gradually go away.Losing is not terrible, because we have very little, the most terrible is, we still have a way to find it.Li Xiaopeng does not need to be responsible for the loss of the game, he is not responsible, should not be responsible.If a coach leads a bad performance, it is indeed the coach’s problem, each coach’s performance is not, we should think about who is the problem!This is the first time a naturalized player has tried to win a World Cup ticket for the Chinese national team.It feels like naturalized players have it all, putting their hopes on shortcuts.I have also analyzed the national football team can not enter the World Cup eight reasons.At that time, I felt that I had analyzed everything from the ability of naturalized players, the staff of the five major leagues, and the tactical ability. The only thing I forgot was that naturalized players were not reused and excluded.They don’t work hard and they don’t let others improve. If the system is not good for local players, then the exclusion of naturalized players is a moral problem, which is worse than anything else.The football association should really think about purifying the air of the football world, must have the courage to burn Bridges and the determination to tear down the past, otherwise what is empty talk!