Can’t Chang Chu sing?Shang Wenjie joked: He sings differently every time

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Music social programs is network synchronization popular flash band, bring together the three generations of musicians to come together to jointly create band carnival, with special rules design and hot atmosphere, reminded the audience of the unforgettable memories, characters, as a representative of the 90 s rock ‘n’ roll zhang chu3’s, xiaoou zhou, diplodocus rock show the presence of the old gun is become the largest.However, probably because of the long battle, Zhang Chu’s reality show debut did not surprise everyone as expected, but a series of mistakes, strength was questioned, triggered a hot discussion online.Since before cooperate with Hu Yutong, Li Runqi “train to cloud,” requiem in nine when be staff because looking jean lost words shortcomings pointed out, the latest issue of the monk shang cooperation faded “next”, zhang chu3’s referred to sing again not, cooperation partner even outspoken, said zhang chu3’s singing too casual, from rehearsal to perform, every song is different.Zhang Chu did not mind this comment, but laughed very proud and half jokingly said that it was because he was jumping out of his skin and every time he had a new feeling.Such a situation can be understood as zhang Chu even the most basic singing skills are not up to the standard. In fact, in the rehearsal of the previous two songs, Hu Yutong and Shang Wenjie have pointed out zhang Chu’s singing problems, repeatedly making mistakes, indicating that it is not an accident, but a problem of ability.However, it is not a positive message to be pointed out that a legendary musician who once stood at the center of the red Hall’s lighting and influenced a generation sings differently every time.As we all know, singing skills and singers, just like marksmanship and soldiers, scores and students, are all necessary qualities, and the most basic standards for measuring singing are intonation and rhythm. Only when singing accurately can we talk about further artistic expression.So the net friend can not help confused, difficult way zhang Chu is really the star that cheats the world and is packaged?When I think of his silence for more than 20 years since the Factory that Made Airplanes, I feel as if HE was stripped of his new clothes.However, watching Zhou Xiaoou, Diplodocus and other musicians pay homage to Zhang Chu, it is not hard to see that his superstar status is real.In fact, a change of perspective, it is easy to understand, a single theory of singing, the song of others xingshenjianbei ability to deduce, zhang chu3’s may be full of the weak one, than xiaoou zhou, I miss you, such as shang wenjie, Hu Yutong pop singer, an even less Shirley wong, Zhou Jieqiong such young singer, also not the same diplodocus mainly good at singing.However, Zhang Chu’s influence is not in singing, but in writing a large number of literary and reflective songs, and with unique singing, these songs into a far-reaching classic.Zhang chu3’s bad Shirley wong song, of course, but in turn, may all any a singer can put the “next” sings very well, and no one can put “lonely people are shameful” “sister” sing the taste of zhang chu3’s ant ant, and look to the rise and fall of the pop for decades, much clear pronunciation and mellow voice calls the singer who has the special ability has been forgotten, and zhang chu3’s,Has become a legend, turning itself into a landmark in pop music.Let Zhang Chu, Diploong and Yang Kun, Pin-guan on the same stage, let Shang Wenjie and Xiao Jingteng, Rainie Yang competition, such a scene has shown that the Band intends to create a diversified musical social.For the audience, it is necessary to take a macro view of the fact that singers who can sing are all the same, but zhang Chu’s musical achievements are unmatched.