Song Ci in the solitary, do write think women boudoir resentment, widely praised by the past dynasties

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In the Poems of the Tang Dynasty and the Poems of the Song Dynasty, we can see some isolated literati. They may have written a lot of poems in their lifetime, but only one poem was handed down to the later generations. However, it does not mean that their works were not good, but they were not handed down in the right opportunity.Most of the isolated works of literati have been well received in the past dynasties.The most typical one is zhang Ruoxu, who “covers the whole Tang Dynasty with his lonely works”. He zhizhang and Zhang Ruoxu are listed as the “Four Scholars of Wu Zhong”. He should have written a lot of poems before his death, but only two poems still exist.Jin Changxu, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, had only one poem “Spring Hatred” handed down;In the Tang Dynasty poet Cui Jiao also only a poem, a “hou deep as the sea, xiao Lang is a passer-by” sung for thousands of years;Also, zhu Fu, a poet in the Northern Song Dynasty, passed down only one poem.In addition to the examples listed above, the song Dynasty poet Li Yu, who is introduced to you today, is also an isolated poet. He has only one poem “Congratulations to the bridegroom”, but this one can be selected into the song Dynasty poem 300.”Congratulate the bridegroom · Spring love” Li Yu zhuan pin gold tripod.Drunk, court Yin to noon, the studio is quiet.Fangcao Wang Sun knows where, only yanghua grits diameter.Gradually jade pillow, reejin spring wake up.Curtain residual red spring has been through, town boring, hate ti wine disease.Cloud temples disorderly, not 忺 whole.Jiangnan old rest heavy province.All over the world, ask for elimination, broken Hong qian.Full west building with long, still undetermined.And only fear, bottle sink gold well.Hiss ride not to silver candle dark, waste of education, make as wutong shadow.Who accompany me, pair luan mirror.This is the only one of Li Yu’s poems, which creates an image of a kind and amorous “thinking of a woman” who is alone in her boudoir.Although the other side return date is not fixed, even the love of both sides may from now on “bottle sink gold well”, no hope of gathering again, she has no regrets from beginning to end, still all day “make all wudong shadow”, spoony ground waiting, hope.The former pronoun theory home this word to appreciate, Huang Liao garden said: “you show in the nao took Juan purport” (” Polyvine garden word selection “), Chen Tingzhuo said: “this word beautiful elegance, charm and sheng, allow to push famous works.”[Bai Yuzhai Ci and Words]Opening is a lonely picture, gold furnace has been cold, lingering fragrance such as silk, surviving, “drunk” pun, both referring to the following “hate hate disease of Ti wine”, and implies a trance, depressed mood.It is noon, the hall is quiet, “turn” to write the change of time, foil the heroine waiting.”Wang Sun knows where grass is fragrant” uses the poem “Song of Chu · Invite a hermit”, points out the theme of Wang Sun traveling far away, the beauty alone.Yang Hua long, fly full path, like wanderer adrift, give her add ten thousand points of regret.”Gradually jade pillow” sentence write a woman to wake up in blurred, see residual red fall, suddenly found that spring has moved toward the late evening, as if her shaohua 蕣 yan.Take you in?Still swim official outside, so she had to “town boring”, lonely unbearable, lovesickness difficult, can only “ti wine” sadness.Wine can warm her heart, but make her “sick of disgust”, after venting, leave the damage.This sentence and the Southern Tang Feng Yansi “before the day often sick wine, don’t give up the mirror zhu Yan thin” (” Magpie step branch “) expressed the meaning of the implication is similar, “cloud temples chaos, not 忺 whole” to further depict the woman tired.After the wanderer left, she would be tired of dressing, is “from the east of the bo, the first like flying peng, or without ointment mu, who is suitable for the face”, “the book of Songs” in the simple emotion has been re-interpreted here.Write down after parting acacia.Words to think of women’s inner point of view, slowly pour out grievances, love.Do not cry not angry, see young woman chun elegant wind in and wan wen thick.”Jiangnan old things rest heavy province” four words Jiangnan old things, do not want to re mention, do not have to mention is not because do not want to mention, also had searched everywhere about his news, but no news, must be to put her behind.Here, “broken hong” refers to the interruption of the message, “difficult to qian” means difficult to expect.”The full west building with long, still undetermined.”The moon is shining, alone on the west building, leaning on the railing overlooking, for a long time refused to leave, but the result is still no sign of him.Perhaps, he has not set the date of return, it can be seen that the woman’s heart is still very sentimentally attached.Then “I only fear that the bottle sinks into the golden well” five sentences mean: I only fear that he has lost his feelings and righteousness, and will not come back, a person guarding the dim remnants of the candle, can not hear the sound of his return.They stood still for a long time, until it was dark and the shadows of the plane trees had disappeared.These sentences, the author used both Canon, and detailed description, the woman to the lover’s feelings of hope, heart and can not have a complex state of mind described very real, sincere lingering.Who is with me, that looketh on the glass? And with me, in the night, who hath told love in the glass?It expresses an almost hopeless mood, with a deep sense of sorrow, both for the past when the two of them were together and shared joy, and for the early return of their beloved.The whole word from indoor to outdoor, by oneself to each other.Will and think and complain of complex mood, tender and deep wan express.Romantic yun by, beautiful scene.Want to know more exciting content, come to the drunk East Maple