Cristiano Ronaldo is stuck in the black hole of Manchester United star.Empty goal does not enter the continuation of the ball shortage, spit in the wrong teammate

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In recent years, Manchester United has almost become a black hole of stars, the tomb of famous players, sanchez, Lukaku, di Maria, Louis van Gaal and Jose mourinho and other international football stars, arrived at Old Trafford have lost their aura.Cristiano Ronaldo also seems to be unable to avoid the curse. Although he was brilliant when he came back, scoring goals in succession, he seems to have been assimilated into a slump and unhappy playing.Cristiano Ronaldo was unlucky and unlucky for United against Southampton as he was given an early chance to shoot past the goalkeeper only to be cleared by a defensive tackle.After a shaky start, the Portuguese star struggled but was unable to break a five-game scoreless drought, making it six games in a row.Statistics showed that Ronaldo touched the ball 33 times in 90 minutes, made 14 passes, made two passes and scored two shots without having a major impact on the game.Although he tried to make a difference, even returning to the left touchline for a defensive tackle, the signs of ageing were evident.As the saying goes, when one is unlucky, one cannot drink cold water without blocking his teeth.At the end of the match, a dejected Ronaldo spat at his side, seemingly accidentally hitting young teammate Anthony Elanga.To be sure, Ronaldo did not mean to do this, but it also shows that he is struggling at home and abroad.There are probably two main reasons why so many players have gone into hibernation and left united to shine.First, united lacked a stable tactical system, trying to determine the outcome of the game based on the individual ability of the players, which caused a vicious circle of pressure when blocked.Manchester united legend scholes said: “the united players are not willing to do dirty, there are a lot of talented players in a team, you can make a list, a list of names. But even if you are a genius, also want to try very hard to hard. I feel sorry for boss, because he had to go all out to develop cope with Southampton tactics, but the player either don’t listen to, or they can’t do that, or don’t want to cooperate.”Another reason why good players don’t perform at Manchester United is the atmosphere.In Sir Alex ferguson’s empire, players worked together regardless of what was going on off the pitch, even if there were conflicts, but now there seems to be a lot of jealousy, resentment and resentment, and many people are unhappy.Former Manchester United Number seven Sanchez recently scored for Inter milan in the 2-0 win over Jose mourinho’s roma in Serie A, and after the match Mourinho analysed the Chilean winger’s lack of success at United and said he was unhappy at Old Trafford.”I said hello to Sanchez before the game.”Mourinho said: “in Manchester he was not happy, it was not the environment for his character, this is.If United’s form does not improve, they will be out of the top four by the end of the season and Ronaldo’s departure will be inevitable.The blockbuster transfer that sparked nostalgia among fans last summer may end in failure.If even Manchester United fans are starting to turn their backs on Cristiano Ronaldo, then parting ways is the best option.