WWE goddesses get married in two days!

2022-06-13 0 By

As we reported yesterday, Carmela, also known as “WWE’s Most beautiful woman,” married fiance Corey Graves in a big ceremony attended by some of the biggest names in wrestling, including AEW top fighter Joe Moxley…In many fall lost love at the same time, today and spread another many male homebody fall heartbreak news: “goblin” Alek sa Cloth also held a wedding today!According to PWI, Alexa Brees and fiance Ryan Cabrera have wed in a private, invitation-only ceremony in California…We’ve famously not seen Alexa Brees in a WWE ring since the end of Chamber of Secrets. Sources say she’s getting ready for her own wedding, and while the goblin has refuted those rumors, it’s clear she’s ready to get married.Despite her sweet looks, she turns 30 this year and should be ready for something big.The good news is that alexa Brees may soon be back in the WWE ring after tying the knot.Speaking of alexa Brees’ personal life, many fans know she was briefly in a relationship with former lightweight champion Buddy Murphy, and the two even shared a pet pig named Larry Steve.Though They also announced their engagement, Alexa and Murphy ended their relationship in 2018 but remain friends.In 2020, Alexa announced she was dating Us singer Ryan Cabrera and announced her engagement at the end of the decade…Ryan Cabrera, who is nine years older than Alexa Burris, made his debut in 2001 and is still a popular rock singer in the US.Because they are both public figures and elite in different fields, Alexa Brees and Ryan Cabrera have both been the target of online attacks from each other’s fans.After news of Alexsa’s marriage broke out recently, the two were again the target of cyber attacks.Alexa Brees posted at the time asking fans to be sensible and not disturb their personal lives.It’s worth noting that wrestling fans didn’t see many of the WWE contestants they were supposed to see at Carmela’s wedding yesterday, perhaps they were invited to Alexa Breese’s wedding.You know, goblin is very popular backstage, and is very close to Mitzi, Sasha Banks and others.I have to say, WWE’s two goddesses got married in just two days, and I don’t know how many nerds fell in love in 48 hours.But anyway, let’s wish Carmela and Alexa Bliss a happy marriage and a happy life.