Taoist famous mountains: Mount Wangwu and Mount Emei

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Since ancient times, Taoism all around “ten big cave”, the “thirty-six XiaoDongTian” and “the seventy-two lucky”, “cave” of Taoism, is actually fairies living place, if it comes to their position, obviously, “cave” above “lucky”, “big cave” above “XiaoDongTian”, so, in many of the “cave”,Number one, who is it?In other words, where is the first cave of Taoism’s “ten great Holes”?In addition, among the many famous Mountains of Taoism, some mountains are not only holy places in the eyes of Taoism, but also listed as holy places by Buddhism, and even the name of Buddhism has already eclipsed Taoism. When people mention that mountain, they often think of “famous Mountain of Buddhism”, not “famous mountain of Taoism”.Is there a mountain like this?Put these two questions together, let’s move on to today’s topic.Our topic today is “Wangwu Mountain and Mount Emei”, and these two mountains can help us solve these two questions.Wangwu Mountain wangwu Mountain is located in Jiyuan City, Henan Province, and Shanxi Jincheng Yangcheng County, Yuncheng Yuanqu county and other cities and counties between, here is henan, Shanxi Province at the junction of the two provinces, it east of Taihang Mountain, west of Zhongtiao Mountain, belongs to the branch of Zhongtiao Mountain.The main peak of Wangwu Mountain, known as the “Temple of Heaven”, is about 1715 meters above sea level. Legend has it that the Yellow Emperor once worshipped here, so it was named the “Temple of Heaven”.Now that we know how the main peak of Wangwu Mountain got its name, how did wangwu Mountain itself come from?There are two common theories about the origin of “Wang Wu”.First, there is a hole in the mountain, deep can not enter, the hole as the palace of the king, so the name “Wang House”;Second, the mountain has three, its shape is like a house, hence the name “King house”.Whether it is “deep cave” or “heavy mountain”, in short, it highlights a “house” character.Therefore, it can not only be lived in, but also has quite a position, which happens to be connected with the residential problem of the Taoist immortals.Generally speaking, most immortals live in mountains, so which mountain is the best place to live?At this time, “Wangwu” will show its appropriate beauty, so that wangwu mountain is not only one of the famous Taoist mountains, and it is also the first “cave blessed land”, Taoism “ten caves” the first cave.During the Tang Dynasty, the Taoist atmosphere on Wangwu Mountain reached an unprecedented grand occasion, and a large number of Taoist temples were built, among which, the most famous is naturally the “three palaces and one courtyard”.So-called “three palace one courtyard”, point to is balcony palace, ying boon palace, ziwei palace, and ten square courtyard.It is worth mentioning that, of course, we are familiar with the story of “Yu Gong moved a mountain”, and one of the mountains yu Gong moved was Wangwu Mountain. Therefore, the name of Wangwu Mountain is well known to all Chinese, even outside Taoism.Mount Emei is located in the southwest of Sichuan Province, the southwest edge of The Sichuan Basin, stretching more than 20 kilometers from north to south, mainly composed of four peaks: Da Asan, Er Asan, SAN Asan and Si Asan. The highest altitude is more than 3,000 meters, the steep terrain, beautiful scenery, known as “Emei show under heaven”.Mount Emei is one of the famous mountains of Taoism.Mount Emei is the seventh cave in Taoism’s “thirty-six small caves”, following the “five Great Mountains”.However, we should say that there are few Taoist temples on Mount Emei today, and buddhist temples are within easy reach.As we know, not only Taoism has “four famous mountains”, in fact, in the eyes of Chinese Buddhism, there are also “four famous mountains”, and Mount Emei is just one of the “four famous Mountains of Chinese Buddhism” (the other three are: Mount Wutai, Mount Putuo, Mount Jiuhua), where is the Dojo of Puxian Bodhisattva.Finally, we want to say is, as long as the mention of Chinese martial arts, we must all think about “shaolin” and “wudang”, shaolin kung fu and wudang kung fu is famous in the world, but, if the earliest form of wushu, it also counts emei kung fu, emei is said to have sent kung fu could have formed earlier in the spring and autumn period and the warring states era,This is obviously shaolin and Wudang can not be compared.Welcome to pay attention to a family contention, focus on traditional culture knowledge sharing!