Ankang High-tech Zone 2022 cultural tourism activities kicked off

2022-06-10 0 By

Sunshine News (Reporter Xi Qin, correspondent Wang Xiao) On the evening of February 11th, the 2022 cultural tourism activities of Ankang High-tech Zone were opened in Qinba Ecological Culture Park.Luo Wuxia, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Ankang High-tech Zone, announced the opening of the event.Ke Yufu, director of the Management Committee of the High-tech Zone, leaders of the CPC Working Committee and the management Committee at the county level and representatives of some enterprises that attract investment attended the activity.The event kicked off with a spectacular light show.Festive joy of singing and dancing string “lion dance”, “sweethearts” jump “good start”, water curtain light and RAP fashion show the perfect combination of the new health portal, full of poetic aquashow “jiangnan”, wishes message song dance “happy life” and so on programs, one after another accompanied by light, laser, drencher, smoke, fountains and other special effects,For the general audience presented a magnificent audio-visual feast.Through the collision of modernity and tradition, the integration of fashion and national style, and the combination of high-tech elements and ankang culture, the whole event displayed the excellent image of “advanced high-tech, energetic high-tech, charming high-tech and entrepreneurial high-tech”.It fully demonstrates the achievements of economic development, social undertakings, urban construction, industrial support and innovation-driven development of Ankang High-tech Zone, and further enhances the reputation and influence of Ankang High-tech Zone.After the opening ceremony, the colorful lotus boat, allegro, bamboo hat dance, shadow play and other folk art performances prepared by 14 villages in Ankang High-tech Zone, including United Village, Toupu Village, Wangcao Village, Luojiaying Village and Simu Village, were staged one after another, allowing the audience to feel the profound charm of excellent traditional culture at close range.With 2022 series tour activities started, ankang high-tech zone will fully rely on “all the way to a scene” bright spot “peach garden” and so on characteristics, continuing to build “cherry blossom season”, “peach blossom season” season “ginkgo and other kinds of tour activities, through elaborate design boutique culture tourist route, organized form of theatrical performances, etc, use of regional ecological culture resources and geographical advantages,Turn clear waters and green mountains into mountains of gold and silver, vigorously develop regional tourism, actively promote the concept of integrated development of industry, city and green, and make forest high-tech, ecological high-tech and poetic high-tech into the most beautiful business cards.Editor: Xiaohua