Shandong! Let a hundred flowers bloom!Picture view qilu “pattern” characteristic industry

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Heze city has a long history of peony planting. The local ornamental peonies have 9 colors, 10 flower types, 1259 varieties, and the ornamental area reaches 50,000 mu. The total output of peony seedlings is about 6 billion, making it a leading peony seedling trading center at home and abroad.From peony seed oil, cosmetics to daily chemicals, from a flower to the whole industry chain, local peony three-dimensional comprehensive development has been realized.Jinan Pingyin county has initially formed an industrial ecology integrating rose planting, processing, trading and tourism.The brand value of Pingyin Rose reached 2.8 billion yuan, and it has been promoted to national top 100 regional brands for two consecutive years, with an annual output value of nearly 5 billion yuan.Gerbera chrysanthemum industry has been developed for more than 20 years in Xiajia Village, Lanshan District, Linyi City. The planting bases are distributed in four or five counties (districts) of Linyi City. The planting area is 15,000 mu, and the annual output value reaches 500 million yuan.Recently, linyi gerbera chrysanthemum production accounted for more than 50 percent of the domestic output.Laizhou rose collection varieties up to more than 3000 kinds, more than 360 varieties of cultivation, planting area of 1500 mu, including facility cultivation area of 120,000 square meters, annual production of rose seedlings more than 15 million, selling in 29 provinces, cities, autonomous regions.Rongcheng Shidao District Chejiaohe village more than one thousand villagers, almost every plant flowers, flowers, on this basis has also formed a characteristic industry of flower planting and sales.Many villagers also on the basis of flowers, flowers processing, product types are also very rich.”Chinese crabapple see Yizhou, Yizhou crabapple in Tanghe” – The planting area of Yizhou crabapple in Tanghe Town has reached 16,000 mu, annual production and sales of seedlings 20 million strains, potted flower 8 million POTS, sales income of 180 million yuan.Before the emergence of zhangzhuang, Zhangzhuang, Dan Zhang Street, such as Yizhou begonia professional planting village.Xintai has formed a whole industry chain from breeding, large-scale planting, product deep processing and tourism. Every year, it produces 1.1 billion lily seedlings, which are sold all over the country.The lily industry has boosted the income of 20 nearby villages, with the average farmer’s income increasing by 24,000 yuan.Liaocheng Yanggu County Yan Lou town constantly integrate land resources, through the “company + cooperative + peasant household” development model, radiation led to the surrounding nearly ten thousand mu of chrysanthemum planting, gradually expand the “chrysanthemum” industry, but also pave a new road for the masses to get rich and increase income.Qingzhou is one of the important production bases of phalaenopsis, pineapple, cyclamen, succulents and other flowers in China.At present, Qingzhou flowers planting area of 131,000 mu, annual output value of 8.5 billion yuan, annual flower trade volume of 11 billion yuan, flower industry brand value of 32.5 billion yuan, brand value ranked the first in the province’s agricultural brands.Editor: Sun Feifei