Who says new energy cannot outing, these 4 “big charge treasure” remove cook trouble

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With the temperature gradually warmer, it is a good time to go outing.Although it is not possible to go out for a long distance because of the epidemic, it is a good choice to go camping and barbecue around the city with a few friends.By chance, a friend who loves camping has a car purchase plan, and I hope you can recommend several suitable models to choose from.An SUV with a large space is a prerequisite, and if it can also be powered, it can save a lot of trouble on camping trips.For this, all corners of the country gentleman found these 4 “big charge treasure” serve as recommendation.Byd has officially halted production of its all-fuel cars, citing confidence in its new energy technology.For example, the original mobile power station technology can achieve 220V AC discharge function, can support the use of all kinds of daily home appliances, with the upper row plug can use induction cooker, kettle and so on.It is worth mentioning that byd’s various new energy models generally support 220V AC discharge function.The dM-I is recommended because it is the biggest SUV in the family.The dimensions of the body are 4870*1950*1725mm, and the wheelbase of 2820mm also gives more room inside the car.Basically, four people travel and belongings can be put down.In terms of power, the TANG DM-I is a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T turbocharged engine and a single motor, with a pure electric range of 58km and 112km.Avoid range anxiety and complete your daily commute on pure electricity.Unlike the Tang DM-I, the Cyrus SF5 is an extended-range new energy vehicle.It can not only realize VtoL vehicle charging, but also realize vehicle-vehicle charging.At the same time, the biggest highlight of this car lies in intelligence. It is equipped with a number of technologies cooperated with Huawei, including Huawei HiCar all-scene intelligent interconnection system, which can support multi-scene voice interaction to realize in-car control.The body size is 4700*1930*1625mm, although not as big as the Tang DM-I, the 2875mm wheelbase is longer and the space performance is even better.Also, power performance is the best in its price range.The minimum power has 347 HP and 520 NM of torque.With a range extender, the NEDC can range up to 1,000 km, which is very attractive.LAN Diagram FREE price: 313,600 yuan compared to the ideal ONE hot, LAN Diagram FREE heat is much lower.As the same 300-400 thousand yuan extended range new energy vehicles, in fact, the difference in product force is not very obvious.However, the appearance of the two is extremely different, LAN Tu FREE adopts the yacht design language, the body streamline is richer.In terms of body size 4905*1950*1660mm, wheelbase 2960mm, nearly 5 meters of body and 5-seat layout in comfort performance is quite good.In terms of power, a 1.5T 4-cylinder range extender is selected, and the Range-extender version of Lantu FREE is equipped with 33kWh battery.At the same time, all lantu FREE systems are equipped with V2L external discharge function, the maximum discharge power reaches 3.6KW, which is difficult to meet rivals in the same type of products.If you want to enjoy the high-power discharge experience, the Lantu FREE is undoubtedly more suitable than any model.When it comes to extended-range models, most people will think of the Ideal ONE first.But the external discharge function is a lot of people do not understand, after the launch of 2021 model, ideal ONE added the external discharge function.This function can power equipment with a maximum power of 2.2 kW.It is worth mentioning that the body size of more than 5 meters gives the ideal ONE an advantage in the wild. After all the seats are laid down, it is like a “room”, and there is no problem sleeping in the car.At the same time, the six-seat layout can also meet the multi-person travel scenario.In terms of power, the vehicle adopts a 1.2T engine + front and rear dual motors + ternary lithium battery as the extensional power system.In long-distance self-driving, remote areas and other driving conditions, it can ensure its endurance supply by means of oil power generation;If you commute in the city, the ideal ONE’s battery range of 188km is enough.At the end, you can find that the above four models are all hybrid models, which can avoid range anxiety on the one hand and meet the economy of daily commuting on the other hand.But on the other hand, many pure electric models also support external discharge function, but after all, in the suburbs of the charging pile is not abundant, in case the power is really out of the loss.So, what other models support external discharge function?You are welcome to add in the comments section.