Too suddenly: Wu Qian announced divorce on Valentine’s Day, Zhang Yujian people set collapse

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Article/orange red ShuiQingRen section is vindicate day, like 520, so a lot of artists within the entertainment industry can choose in the days to license, love, marriage, and wedding, after all it is a memorable day, but also some people see it as a day split up, such as last year 520 liyan tong Chen Sicheng officer xuan divorce.Although it makes everyone feel a little surprised, but the choice also has its own reason, and emotion is your mood, I would like to, not appropriate to break up is understandable, in valentine’s day yesterday, before the Revelations of legitimate sena, Cain Zhang Yujian also ushered in the divorce, this is probably within the entertainment industry’s largest ray yesterday, you feel a little too suddenly.Careful fans found that Wu Qian did not mention Zhang Yujian in the same day, single girls Valentine’s Day, obviously has told everyone to resume single again, the photo of Wu Qian with his daughter, the child’s hand is still holding a balloon, mother and daughter running together, looks particularly warm.And the man Zhang Yujian post also confirmed the news of two people divorce, Thanksgiving had better meet, a long way in the future, we are parents of the children with each other most intimate friends, and also @ sena, both of the officer xuan formed a strong contrast, and we think Janice didn’t mention Zhang Yujian,It is assumed that she was extremely disappointed with their relationship.In fact, Wu Qian Zhang Yujian couple is the entertainment industry has been exposed hidden marriage of women’s husband and wife.The two first met four years ago when they worked together on their first TV series, The Night of Tang Dynasty, a period drama. Since then, they have developed a crush on each other. The following year, they worked on their second series, I Like You, and their relationship seems to have become more well known.In 19 years, has been confirmed in love, marry, catch and was already married, but have not been to the outside world officer xuan, last year when Janice took her two daughters, and his mother go out for dinner is found, then Janice Zhang Yujian has admitted to love marriage, and hope everyone rational to treat this matter, but after nearly a year just announced their divorce,It makes people think it’s a little weird.After all in love, getting married is a big deal, is also a happy thing, but let everybody feel don’t understand is why they love to get married, have not been open to the outside world, it is always a mystery, there are a lot of fans even guess is a shotgun, maybe the feelings of the couple, already has a lot of problems,Especially many fans have been for Wu Qian feel aggrieved, obviously we have found some clues.And Janice yesterday circle of friends are all the words of comfort, so that everyone had a great sympathy for her, fans understand her difficulties, but we found that the man Zhang Yujian officer xuan behind, but fell, many are questioning voice, and he has always been attitude towards relationships, but small make up feel that sentiment is two personal things, not by his personnel, mo to persuade other people good,Since we have been separated, we are far apart and owe each other nothing.