DNF: The narrative of the old player, from version 50 all the way, more than ten years of efforts ended here

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DNF old player’s narration, from the 50 version all the way, more than ten years of painstaking efforts end here!07 – ’08 grade 50 to 60 version red eye, inheritance, 1600, the decisive filmed, star of the king, and so on, directly before taking all three at the time, no problem, then to do, to spend money to buy tickets deep in the soul, the manual too slow, earth science and technology at that time, a month to 32 (understood nature), a month side brush mechanical bull do deep tara, do no shadow,Later also did the broken wave, in addition to the PK abuse people have nothing to do behind, learn to strengthen, Xu Xu is brother, strengthen cushion, I find the rule!The first +15 shadow pills (then did not fall meteor), is my strengthening, at that time sold 1200, a ghost cry to buy I remember very clearly, and spent 540 whole area only the cheapest out of the sky set and then later buy meteor fall, to PK abuse people bought worm too.Miss a lot of life and then later stolen (the first time to chengdu a strange Internet cafe, on the number ten minutes suddenly dropped, and so on, the warehouse all emptied), and so on back to the pit about 11-12 years, the turtle version has an increase, spent 3-4W, can not do all the first three, decisively abandoned the pit.I didn’t play any more.First, spend more money, generation version generation god, equipment has been updated, bottomless pit.Second, special items take a lot of time to make and even take up a lot of time on Saturday and Sunday. Look at the DNF event start time.Third, people mature, if NOW I still play, people must be wasted, not to mention wife and children, life.30 years old or so can still play this game, money, leisure, enough boring!The dance of fine snow is the top tai Dao, the dance of fine snow drawings are 3 million game coins a piece, how many people in order to it, with people in the picture, when there is no saying to move bricks, only with people in the picture, headless a person 2-6W game coins.Worm knife PK of the west only experienced the talent know that kind of pleasure.As long as I pick, directly suck seconds, 800-4000 bleeding, can not stop, in fact, DNF national service to build more than Hanfu, and national service buy a lot of rich, that national service per capita than hanfu people hurt high boss a cut, planning to keep the game balance to increase monster health.In krypton gold way – anchor to pursue to audiences, to build strong krypton gold – watched the live broadcast of people want to play more impulsive consumption – civilians or liver or krypton, this conclusion is not strange, you see so many years of updates can be found that planning is always beside the players can accept degree of krypton gold line continuously explore, to seek to maximize interests, from 688 to the dragon,Every year it wasn’t.