Officer xuan!Kunming announced free nucleic acid sampling sites before April 16

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The headquarters of kunming Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus Infection and Pneumonia Released a summary of nucleic acid sampling sites provided by the whole city (deadline: April 15, 2022).Subsequent point adjustment will be announced in time) nucleic acid testing services for free with citizens details will be announced the following kunming on April 16 nucleic acid sampling spots in the city a set information to better deal with the current epidemic situation, convenient for citizens to travel, do “shall adopt all, would like to check with check” personnel of nucleic acid detection, improve service efficiency for the populace,Kunming response will be coronavirus pneumonia outbreak work leading group headquarters has carried on the summary to the city to provide DNA sample point release (deadline is April 15, the subsequent point adjustment will be published in a timely manner), free provides the nucleic acid testing services for citizens, and nucleic acid testing matters needing attention has carried on the clear and remind again, hope that citizens are known and comply with them.For specific information, please refer to List of Routine Nucleic Acid Sampling Sites in Kunming (attached).For nucleic acid testing and sampling, please bring your ID card and show your Yunnan Health code and communication big data travel card. Minors should be accompanied by their guardians.Nucleic acid samples should be taken at least 48 hours after receiving COVID-19 vaccine.2. Please be sure to test nearby.When waiting in line, please wear a mask at all times, keep a distance of 1 meter from others, do not crowd or gather, follow the instructions of the field staff, and complete code scanning, temperature measurement, registration, sampling and other processes in an orderly manner.3. Leave the nucleic acid testing site immediately after sampling, avoid spitting and vomiting at the sampling site, and pay attention to hand hygiene. Use sanitizer or alcohol to wipe your hands.Health tips Do not eat 2 hours before the nucleic acid sampling, and do not smoke, drink, or chew gum 30 minutes before the sampling.To avoid the risk of droplet transmission, please wear a mask at all times, keep a distance of more than 1 meter, avoid talking to each other, cover coughs and sneezes with tissue or elbow, and cooperate with on-site staff to register temperature measurement and take relevant prevention and control measures.List of daily nucleic acid test points in Kunming as of 0:00 April 16, 2022