Hot attention: Higher vocational colleges and industry promotion association jointly build Chongqing Jianghu Cuisine College

2022-05-30 0 By

Integration of industry and education “Enabling” city food card!On March 24, from chongqing jianghu dishes development promotion news, for further training to adapt to new technologies, new industries and new forms of chongqing special profession (type of work) personnel, the arbitration by hand in hand to the chongqing business vocational college to build the “school of chongqing jianghu cuisine” signing ceremony held in yuzhong district success, has attracted many attentions of the industry.According to introducing, the organized by well-known industry associations, high quality “combination” in higher vocational colleges to build college of chongqing jianghu cuisine, is as the national vocational education, chongqing modern business management innovation school vocational education group, the director unit of chongqing business vocational college as the backing, focuses on the market demand as the guidance, take the lead in building “fusion” education new platform,It aims to better excavate industry culture, promote industry development and promote regional economic development.Chongqing jianghu cuisine development and promotion association relevant person in charge said that in addition to industry product development and teacher training, the two sides signed the cooperation of the key content, but also mainly includes: industry project culture mining and standard development, industry talent training and grade identification, industry project application and industry skills competition.”Jianghu cuisine is scattered in the folk some special dishes, these special dishes for us to create an international food capital, with great development potential!”Chongqing Cai Shunlin, dean of school of continuing education, vocational college of commerce, told reporters that how to better dig, carry forward “chongqing jianghu cuisine” a loud city food name card, through the vocational college and the river’s lake cuisine association for the advancement of some industry standards, through we work together to promote industry talents training, we can do better, more standardized, more influential.Cai Shunlin also pointed out that the next, chongqing institute of jianghu dishes will revolve around “skills talents promotion action, to build international consumer center city, the construction of international food” and other key work, by cultivating more high-skilled talents, jianghu cuisine industry promote the development of chongqing jianghu food industry with high quality, best “skills contest, food display,Manager training, professional managers training “and other relevant work, focus our” chongqing jianghu dishes of high-end talent training, around jianghu cuisine hotel management and food safety standards, standard to put some of chongqing jianghu cuisine dishes, “fu can” city food name card of “going out”, to “chongqing jianghu cuisine” go, the world,Do some basic work.