Huhu health “swing”!Calligraphy “big” scene to send blessing!

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Recently, Loudi prison and Loudi Calligraphy Research Association, carried out the activity of “writing Spring Festival couplets to send blessings”, for all police staff to send New Year greetings and wishes of the New Year.During the activity, zeng Guanyi, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of loudi Municipal People’s Congress and president of Loudi Calligraphy Research Association, and famous calligrapher Jiang Xinchu, Liu Shiqin, Peng Guiwen, Zhu Yunhe, Dai Fubing, Tang Duanjian, Chen Yuanbo and other calligrapher conveyed their deep blessings with danqing ink. Prison calligraphy lovers came to the scene to study and observe.At the scene of the activity, the police staff gathered around the calligrapher’s table and took out the prepared favorite sentences one after another. The calligraphers did not refuse anything they came to.Seal script, li, regular script, line, grass and other types of calligraphy, a “private customized” Spring Festival couplets show in front of the police staff, we appreciate the work, while reviewing the Spring Festival couplets implied meaning, appreciation of joy.Deputy secretary of the Party Committee, political commissar Zhang Zhong said, “a Spring Festival couplets a taste, a ‘fu’ word a blessing, through the scene calligraphy and send Spring Festival couplets activities, the purpose is to make our police staff through a peaceful, happy, prosperous New Year!”In just three hours, more than 400 Spring Festival couplets were sent to police staff.Zuo Jianzhou, a retired police officer, was infected by the thick ink fragrance and red couplet floating on the scene, and composed a poem.The old cold has been warm east wind, continuous struggle.The launch of this activity, passed the warmth of the prison Party Committee, increased the cultural exchange and interaction, but also sent New Year’s greetings to everyone.In the next step, the prison will further strengthen the co-construction communication with local units, carry out various cultural activities extensively, create a good atmosphere for co-construction of culture, vigorously cultivate a group of high-level artistic talents of the police camp, and strive to create the characteristic cultural brand of Loudi Prison in the new era.Source: Loudi Prison Editor: Ye Zi Xiaoyuan Review: Huang Ren