Woman kneeling hand holding diamond ring to propose to the man not to marry not girlfriends envy?

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Woman kneeling hand holding diamond ring to propose to the man not to marry not girlfriends envy?The woman kneels to hold diamond ring to propose to the man does not marry to choke the neck true love?Girl chasing boy, gauze, that seems to be the case.Men chase women, separated mountain, probably means women’s heart, the needle under the sea, women choose more range, sometimes they do not know what they want, even today is not the same as yesterday, what will be tomorrow, then do not know.Anyway, a beautiful woman is not worried about being chased, admired and loved by many people. Sometimes, a girl may think that one is handsome, that one is talented and that one is cute. Some uncles are eccentric, but charming and rich, so it’s really difficult to choose.But love is not Chinese football, can not distinguish between you and me, he, the feelings of this matter, is exclusive, life-or-death, exclusive, you and I together, there can be no others.When a woman pursues a man, it is usually reserved, with affection and courtesy. In the past, when someone had a meeting, he would look at the leader in the first row with affection, and the leader would gradually notice her and get together.Also have what borrows a book, sends a book such literary and artistic sex beginning, or clip a small note, boudoir transmits a message what.What pays attention to is an implicative, blank, graceful.But is there a tough girl, a tough girl?Maybe there is. One woman posted a video of her best friend proposing to her on her knees with a diamond ring.(According to Guangming.com, Nanchang Evening News, Sina, Yangxin News, NetEase) To be honest, these two men and women are not particularly attractive. They belong to ordinary people, but ordinary people also have romance and emotional needs.The woman kneels to propose not, choke the man’s neck, the man finally repeatedly beg for mercy, I marry I marry, they may be childhood sweethearts love.Yesterday I watch TV in the world, there is a SONY Ericsson to the man, called ChunYan or what yan directly is simple and crude, the end still leave a, man, mature late and I am waiting for you to mature, wait you to grow up, according to the background, it still in the 60 s and 70 s, more conservative, women have such an amazing feat, is out of line, also can see,The magic or charm of love.She should belong to the revolutionary era of passionate women, hot sister, dare to love and hate, simple and direct, women must be reserved must be conservative, must be passive?Not necessarily!When it’s time to do it, do it.Some sister in fact the passive passive, the initiative on the initiative, and like flying a kite, always put their own love, into the field of vision and really consider the object of marriage grasp in their hands, do not put, the key, willing to show weakness, willing to humble, even very active.Excellent people, everyone likes, so you may want to take the initiative, each person’s excellent place is different, but your own favorite, the desire is the biggest.Her bestie expresses admiration, possibly also admires her courage, this is when the street professes love, proposes marriage.May they are more familiar, childhood friends, or they have been lovers, but the young man does not talk about the marriage of things, or about him, for women, all do not talk about marriage of love is playing rascal, women love all want results, because the youth is limited, can not afford to spend.The result, of course, is marriage.Every girl may feel the happiest is to put on the wedding dress, and propose to her at that moment, that is the ultimate romance for women.The woman proposes, should be the man got, don’t worry, take it slowly, also may be economic pressure, such as a house.Work is not stable, more likely is not very satisfied, lover, wife may be two people in a man’s mind, women are the same, boyfriend and husband may not be the same standard.But a woman is willing to choose you as a husband, such a person should be carefully considered, should be true love, really like, life can have many true love, meet true love, you should treat, do not live up to, do not play and games.Wish the world all shall be well, jack shall have Jill, and the girl, sometimes, you also want to take the initiative, also want a bit of skill, hook up, attract, evil spirit is puzzled, it is the killing skill of love field all the time, easy, active, enthusiasm, do not give cards according to common sense, the likelihood is approximate invincible!(1314 words) | Sue white media other modern impression: some pictures for the simulation of imagination, do not represent words mean.