In 2022, just need to buy a house, please be careful

2022-05-25 0 By

Buying a house in China is a permanent topic that never runs out of heat.A random search on the Internet will have many experts or so-called experienced people come up with how professional data, analysis of the real estate industry or national policy trends, advise you to buy or not to buy.Today, I just want to talk about the experience of just buying a house from my personal real subjective feelings: the rise of a few years ago basically let the high level of just need to buy a house, such as me.In order to get married, all the strength of the family, but also borrowed a large amount of foreign debt, reluctantly bought a degree is not how a family model.But buying is not the beginning of a happy life, it’s the beginning of a nightmare.More than half of our combined salary goes to paying off the mortgage. We have to pay out money to rent the house, and we have little money left every month.Plus the money borrowed before also want to find a way to return, with living beyond their means to describe all have almost meaning, such a day is really very sour cool, who knows!If you think I exaggerate, please take a look at the number of auction houses in major cities. Language can deceive, but data can’t. Just in the past few years when housing prices have soared, the number of auction houses has also surged.Can not afford to abandon the house to break the supply, eventually even their own down payment to take in, money, room two empty!I don’t know how long I can hold on, but according to the current income situation, it is really not optimistic, if the economy continues in this way, my job can not be maintained, the final result will be to abandon the house and cut off the supply.Before, most of the people who just need to buy a house are probably similar to me. First, facing the pressure of marriage, you don’t want to buy a house?Mother-in-law even door estimate even the door will not give you into;Second, in those years, everyone held the mentality that housing prices would rise forever. The earlier you buy, the better; otherwise, you can’t afford it more and more.Three, think the salary will rise higher and higher, as long as insist on a few years, behind it.But things will never be as we ordinary people expect to go to the development, housing enterprises began to thunder, one by one to fall down, second-hand housing prices without the city, the new home market is what we all know, to buy the house as long as the house is not rotten tail, shutdown, feel is great happiness.In terms of salary, increase?Just not getting laid off is bliss.This time just need as long as the hand can also have a certain amount of cash reserves, how much can quite a, no cash or even debt, the final result of the probability is to look at their house on the Internet who was taken away at a low price.So I want to say is, just need to buy a house to consider the first element is their current economic strength, do not rely on fantasy to take the life of the family to bet, otherwise only their own loss.Secondly, ensure their cash flow, buy the house, the hand must have certain cash reserves to resist some uncontrollable risk, don’t like me, the days really hard time, just need a lot of (myself included) have been use the experience of the past to forget give you a lesson, not experienced, please cherish!