In 2017, a woman deposited $10 million in her bank, but it was frozen 3 days later!It won’t be available until 2099

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“I put money in your bank, this is only a few days, you tell me the money is gone?””Since when do I have to put money into a mortgage!””Is what you say, we just pledge!”Ms. Gao from Ningbo had deposited 10 million yuan in a bank in Dalian, and now she needed to withdraw some money. But when she got to the bank, the staff told her that she could not withdraw any money from her account.Gao showed a photo of the list to the staff. It clearly stated that she had deposited the money until May of next year, exactly one year ago. This was just deposited the day before, and now 10 million yuan was directly frozen, which made her furious.”This list is clear, MY money is saved until next year, why there is no money?””Ma ‘am, you did have this slip from our bank, but then you said you were going to lend the money out, didn’t you?””When did I say I was lending it out?””Certainly is you say, we just deal with.””You are talking nonsense. I know very well whether I have done it or not. Now I want to withdraw my money.””Your money has been frozen, now can not withdraw, if you must withdraw, you can ask the police.””What an attitude!Well, we’ll see, and I’ll see how you break the rules.”What happened to the money in Ms. Gao’s account?Are banks really operating in the dark?Ms. Gao in Ningbo recently made money from her business, and she also wanted to make some investments. She considered sound investment, a way with low risk but stable income. She consulted her friends about funds, bonds, national bonds and other investment and financing methods.Her friend told her that the interest rate of a bank in Dalian is very high, especially for large deposits. The annual interest rate is much higher than that of other banks, and the savings are very safe.Ms. Gao went to the bank for advice. When the bank staff knew that she was going to make a large deposit, they warmly received her and promised her a very generous interest. Ms. Gao was very happy after the consultation and had a plan in her heart.The bank offers an annual interest rate of 2.175%, which adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.The interest was very objective, and it was guaranteed, so Ms. Gao immediately decided to put all the 10 million yuan she had earned in the business into the bank.After Gao told her husband about her decision, her husband asked, “This is a private bank. It is not for the public good. It gives you such high interest.Ms. Gao said: “This is the bank recently to do activities, the end of the month, or my friend and I said, we just catch up.”Her husband was still a little worried and repeatedly told Gao, “Make sure you make sure everything is in black and white.”Ms. Gao didn’t think it was as serious as her husband said. She trusted her friend, and she also deposited money in the bank, but nothing happened. Besides, she also went to the bank to ask what happened to the normal savings business.Eager for cheap, she went to the bank the next day to handle the deposit. Before handling the deposit, she told the bank staff all the matters needing attention, and the staff all agreed and said that the documents would be shown at the time. On the other hand, Ms. Gao felt that she was worrying too much.Gao finally confirmed with the staff: “My money can be withdrawn by this time next year, right?””Ms. Gao, please be careful, our operation is transparent, you deposit a year, you can certainly withdraw, if special circumstances, you can withdraw in advance.”Ms. Gao thought there was no problem, so she put the money in.But on the third day, Ms. Gao saw that her money, 10 million yuan, was frozen and she could not withdraw any of it.This made her panic, so she went to the bank to ask the staff why her money was frozen, which is what happened at the beginning of this article.The staff refused to say they were taking the money for a loan, and Ms. Gao became angry and argued with them.”According to the contract, the loan term of your money is 82 years, which expires in 2099,” the bank staff told Gao.Hearing this, Ms. Gao angrily pounded the table, “Don’t you always say that you act according to the rules?Is that how you do it?””My money matures next year. You tell me until 2099?””Madam, since I say so, there is evidence, you do not accept, can go to the court?”Once again, the conversation ended badly.Then the reporter interviewed Ms. Gao, Ms. Gao explained the specific situation.When the reporter asked Ms. Gao if she had taken out the money for a loan, Ms. Gao said helplessly: “Definitely not, now I don’t know what happened?””I didn’t do anything except go to the bank to make a deposit, and now the bank insists that I agreed to lend the money out.”Loan who gave reporters following high woman go to the bank to ask, say Banks because ningxia yinchuan a notary office sent a notice to the bank, as ms high signed a pledge guarantee the power of attorney, entrust a bank deposit 10 million yuan as a pledge, a real estate company lending to dalian.Ms. Gao immediately said that he did not do so, “since the notary office said that I signed a power of attorney, now where is the power of attorney?It definitely doesn’t have my signature.””Without my signature, can’t explain is I agreed, you this is not illegal operation?”Gao said he did not know what real estate company, also did not go to the notary office, this is clearly malicious operation.Reporters let Ms. Gao a little peace not impetuous, continue to let the bank staff to introduce the relevant situation, according to the bank, they got the notary office after the power of attorney, the notarial power of attorney for the authenticity of identification, identification is true, then for a real estate company for 9.97 million yuan of loans.Ms. Gao immediately asked to see the notarial certificate, but the bank said it could be seen for sure, but it couldn’t see it now, so she gave it a runaround.After that, Ms. Gao went back and forth between Ningbo and Dalian for several times to see the notarization certificate at the bank. The bank made every excuse, but Ms. Gao did not see the notarization power of attorney they said.When Ms. Gao asked to see the relevant documents again, the staff’s attitude was vague.”Who did the paperwork for me and didn’t sign it, and you just loaned it out, to whom?””I say the same thing. Ask whomever you want. I can’t answer it.””You mean you with a paper notarization can not go through me, directly freeze my money?””Because you personally made the commission, since you personally made the commission, do we need to communicate with you personally?Isn’t it superfluous?””I made the commission myself, and I didn’t even have the right to know?Shouldn’t you have given me a heads up?”The attitude of the staff made Ms. Gao feel cold, the bank is obviously unreasonable, she decided to go to the real estate company has not shown up.Ms. Gao went to the company and met the person in charge. Ms. Gao explained the purpose of her visit. She wanted to ask whether the real estate company knew where the money they borrowed came from.”We just received a notice from the bank that we could borrow the money, and then we borrowed the money according to the required procedures. We were completely unaware of what you said.”The reporter then specially connected the dalian real estate company Mr. Tang, in the telephone, Mr. Tang said: “we are only responsible for the bank, as for what power of attorney, notarial certificate what we do not know, our procedures are very perfect.”Ms. Gao did not get any useful information from either side, and the matter did not make further progress, so it dragged on for more than half a year without being solved.Gao chose to call the police to defend her rights, which led to an investigation.Moreover, the media also reported the matter on TV. With the expansion of the scope of the matter, the event finally made further progress.After the police and the media intervened, the bank said it would start an internal investigation. It is true that Ms Gao did not know about the mortgage guarantee, that someone must have manipulated it, as to who, the bank said they will check as soon as possible.An official of the bank said: “According to the available materials, there is an illegal and criminal act in the personal CDS pledge loan business, which has seriously infringed on the legitimate rights and interests of Jilin Bank Dalian Branch. We will cooperate with the police to investigate.”At present, Ms. Gao is most concerned about when her 10 million yuan deposit can be unfrozen. After all, the current loan term is 2099, and no one can wait.Ms. Gao expressed her doubts, “I just want to know when my money can be unfrozen, they are illegal operation, can my money withdraw as scheduled?””Ms. Gao, the CD can only be released after the borrower pays off the loan.””But you loan this operation be violate the rules originally?””Regardless of whether it is illegal or not, the action has been created and can only be followed.””The rules, the rules, are you lending without my consent? Is that the rules?Now the rules are emphasized?”Ms. Gao was gratuitously offended by the bank’s high-sounding gestures. “Have you notified the company to pay back the loan?” she finally asked.The bank said it had informed her that her money would be released as soon as the loan was paid off.The reporter accompanied Ms. Gao to the real estate company to inquire about the situation, the reporter learned that the company has received a repayment phone call from the bank, is currently raising funds.”When we receive the payment notice, we will make the payment in accordance with the rules, but it will take a time and a process for now.””They’ve already spent it all, and they don’t know when they’re going to be able to pay it back.”Ms. Gao now regrets her behavior very much. She should not have deposited her money in this bank, and should not have taken chances. Indeed, they may have given such a high interest rate to absorb deposits and then lend them out at a high rate.Now do like this, originally still want that a large sum of interest, now only hope that the money can come back, not to say the waste of half a year of time, how much energy, how much less to do things, this loss can only be bought as their own lesson.In order to get a more authoritative answer, the reporter connected the dalian Maritime University economics professor Wang Bailing, Ms. Wang said that the bank pledge loan must be notified in advance of the parties, they have the obligation to remind, and the relevant procedures involved, depositors are entitled to see.Visible before the bank’s practice is clearly wrong.According to China’s personal time deposit pledged loan business, the maturity of the loan pledged by the CERTIFICATE of deposit shall not exceed the maturity date of the certificate of deposit. Ms. Gao’s certificate of deposit is due on May 9, 2018, while the maturity of the loan pledged is 82 years, far beyond the maturity of the certificate of deposit.Reporters and Ms. Gao came to the bank again, the bank repeatedly claimed that they are in accordance with the content of the pledge letter to deal with, the problem is being investigated.And promise that problems will be dealt with, just a process.The reporter found a different situation from another channel. On the website of Dalian Supervision Bureau of China Banking Regulatory Commission, in the section of administrative punishment, Jilin Bank Dalian Branch was fined 450,000 yuan in October 2015 for falsely increasing the size of deposits and loans by issuing loans pledged by certificates of deposit and redeposit.Ms. Gao felt that she encountered this problem, and went to the city banking supervision Bureau to reflect this problem, the banking supervision bureau said that jilin Bank Dalian branch would accept the problem of the role of personal time deposit pledge loan.Ms. Gao said she did not rule out using legal means to defend her rights.From Ms. Gao’s case, we should pay attention to the fact that some banks, in order to absorb deposits and loans business, realize the purpose of increasing the scale of deposits and loans by transferring loans to deposits and raising interest rates in a disguised way, absorb depositors’ deposits and make repeated loans by using depositors’ certificates of deposit.Some even cooperate with enterprises to achieve profits through loans pledged by CDS and bills of deposit of related enterprises.Professor Wang explained that the competition in the banking industry is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to gain a favorable competitive position in the market, some banks will attract depositors’ funds with high interest rates just like the banks in this paper, and then lend them out with high interest rates.So we must be careful in this situation, try not to deposit large sums of money in private small banks, also do not be fooled by the promise of high interest, keep calm, do not believe in pie in the sky good, protect their own interests from damage.