Qingyuan: Anti-drug brigade to fight anti-epidemic “combination”

2022-05-20 0 By

Qingyuan: Anti-drug brigade to fight anti-drug “combination” epidemic is an order, prevention and control is responsibility.During the Qingming Festival, qingyuan District Public Security Bureau anti-drug brigade based on their own, take the initiative to play a good epidemic prevention and control and anti-drug work “combination”.The anti-drug brigade banned both drugs, organized police to carry out follow-up visits to hotels, and fought with communities and health departments on the front line of fighting the epidemic to eliminate the risk of the spread of the epidemic.While making all-out efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, the NNTC has carried out the propaganda work of “epidemic prevention and drug control” and “anti-drug” at the same time, carried out the investigation of drug manufacturing dens and the propaganda and education work of banning planting and removing drugs.Through publicity and education, the people have realized the serious harm of drugs to society, reduced the breeding of drug users, and effectively maintained social order and stability.(Photo/Anti-drug Team of Wenqingyuan District Public Security Sub-Bureau)