How to choose compact new energy SUV?

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With the rise of Chinese brand SUV, manufacturers are no longer satisfied with the launch of traditional power models, have taken out their own new energy power technology, to create a set of intelligent, luxury, exquisite new energy SUV models.In the compact SUV market with the highest heat, wei Brand DhT-PHEV and BYD Song PLUS DM-I two representative models stand out, showing the strong power brought by their respective new energy technology and the excellent vehicle texture given by the new technology platform.How to choose?We make a comprehensive comparison from five aspects: exterior interior, configuration, power performance, new energy platform highlights and battery technology.The coffee family design language in MACchiato DHT-PHEV body, the overall harmony is very high.The hexagonal chrome-plated meshes on the front face are very delicate.The headlights on both sides adopt LED light source, with a bit of fierce style, and the internal LED daily running light layout is exquisite.The side of the double waist line design is also quite a sense of layering, the vehicle looks quite delicate.The headlights on both sides adopt LED light source, with a bit of fierce style, and the internal LED daily running light layout is exquisite.The side of the double waist line design is also quite a sense of layering, the vehicle looks quite delicate.On the other hand, Song PLUS DM-I is even more exaggerated in the area of the middle net, occupying most of the front Face. The chrome trim on the top connects the headlights on both sides. Dragon Face’s design language is also very recognizable, combining Chinese style design with fashion and movement.When it comes to the interior, macchito DHT-PHEV is most attractive or 14.6-inch large screen, display clarity and touch and slide feel are good, car and machine system features are very rich, bring convenience to daily use.Thanks to the addition of a large screen, the cockpit layout is very simple, the inverted trapezoidal LCD instrument is small in size, delicate display, and the dual spoke steering wheel and delicate electronic handle are commendable details.The interior of SONG PLUS DM-I adopts the embracing family design language, with large central control screen and full LCD dashboard. However, compared with the conventional design of Song PLUS DM-I, the interior color collocation, panel decoration tone and artistic outline design of Macchiato DHT-PHEV can better highlight the futuristic design attributes brought by the new architecture platform.Notably, the Macchiato DHT-PHEV has been designed with a generous interior seating and luggage compartment space,In particular, the height of the front driver’s seat from ceiling is 980mm (Song PLUS DM-I is 965mm), and the minimum legroom of the front driver’s seat is 870mm (Song PLUS DM-I is 860mm).Macchiato DHT-PHEV front row headspace Experience Song PLUS DM-I front row headspace experience Song PLUS DM-I front row headspace in luggage,The minimum length of luggage compartment is 695mm (Song PLUS DM-I is 683mm), and the minimum width of luggage compartment is 1010mm (Song PLUS DM-I is 955mm). Good space performance also gives Macchito DHT-PHEV extra points in ride comfort.Macchiato DHT-PHEV Song PLUS DM-I Luggage compartment space comparison models are top-of-the line models, Macchiato DHT-PHEV Master edition (priced at 177,800) and Song PLUS DM-I flagship edition (priced at 169,800).Rich intelligent technology configuration has always been the strength of Wei brand models, Macchiato DHT-PHEV equipped with the world’s leading high-performance on-board chips.The chip’s computing capacity is three times higher than that of other models in the market. It helps Macchito DHT-PHEV achieve multi-screen linkage such as 14.6-inch central control screen, 9.2-inch instrument panel and W-HUD head-up display. The vehicle and vehicle system’s fluency and stability are comparable to high-end flagship smartphones, and it builds the “smart cockpit” of Macchito DHT-PHEV.The vehicle-machine system can realize multi-screen linkage, and the call record, navigation information, music and telephone on the central control can be automatically put on the instrument, which is convenient for the driver to operate.In the intelligent driving auxiliary configuration, macchiato DHT – PHEV equipped with parking, tracking fusion astern, remote parking, transparent chassis lane, lane departure warning, center maintain, blind spot monitoring, and lines aided, traffic signs recognition, traffic congestion, ACC adaptive cruise at full speed, LCK lane center to keep driving auxiliary functions such as intelligence,The safety coverage of the whole scene is realized, which reduces the potential risks of driving from the root and provides safety guarantee for car owners.Macchiato DHT-PHEV Integrated parking Macchiato DHT-PHEV Tracking reversing Macchiato DHT-PHEV Remote parking Macchiato DHT-PHEV Blind spot monitoring Macchiato DHT-PHEV intelligent cornered Macchiato DHT-PHEV ACC adaptive cruise Macchiato DHT-PHEVMacchito DHT-PHEV traffic congestion assistance to BYD side, its features also have many, such as mobile power station, vehicle-mounted air purifier, NFC car keys, rear privacy glass and other functions, in addition to VTOL mobile power station function, support 220V external discharge,External induction cooker and other household appliances.But in comparison, the integration of parking, remote parking, fatigue monitoring, backup car side warning system, active grille, head-up display, memory of the main driver seat and other practical functions are not available in the Song PLUS DM-I DHT-PHEV.These configurations make up the Macchiato DHT-PHEV’s coffee smart cockpit, making car life really simple.In terms of power, the Macchito DHT-PHEV is equipped with a 1.5L new energy system with a combined maximum power of 197Ps and a combined peak torque of 410N·m.At the same time, the new car carries a 19.94kwh battery pack with a pure electric range of 110km.In terms of fuel consumption, the comprehensive fuel consumption is 0.8L/100km, and the deficient fuel consumption is 4.4L/100km.The new car supports a catapulted start with an official acceleration of 7.2 seconds over 100 kilometers. In terms of power, macchito DHT-PHEV has a good performance. The core of this new energy technology is the DHT-PHEV powertrain with dual electric and two-speed transmission.Song PLUS DM-I is equipped with a 1.5L engine dedicated for Snapcloud series, with the fastest acceleration time of 7.9 seconds from 0-100km/h, a pure electric endurance of 110km, and comprehensive fuel consumption of 0.9L/100km.Deficient electricity consumption 4.5L/100km.Relatively speaking, the gap between the two cars is not big.As early as the release of “Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap 2.0” and the clear goal of “dual carbon”, self-owned brand oil and electricity solutions were presented in a cluster, including Wei Pai Smart DHT technology and BYD DM-I super new energy system.New energy vehicles generally do not have a gearbox in the traditional sense. Previously, the mainstream approach is to use a single speed transmission with a fixed tooth ratio to achieve the connection and decoupling of the engine and the wheel end, and the engine can only be involved in the direct driving vehicle at a high speed.The DHT-PHEV new energy system uses a two-gear transmission in this link, which can make the engine drive in a wider speed range, so that the engine can play a greater role in the best efficiency range, and further cover the whole road conditions in the full speed domain, and the power performance has been improved.In terms of actual performance, the Macchiato DHT-PHEV still has sufficient power for mid-speed overtaking, and its power performance exceeds that of the traditional 2.0T engine.In all scenarios, such as starting, low-speed cruising, urban roads and elevated sections, macchito DHT-PHEV realizes engine involvement in the clutch without sliding wear through dual motor speed regulation, ensuring power smoothness of intelligent switching of each mode, and realizing pure electric driving experience in various modes.In addition, Macchiato DHT-PHEV has better power performance and economy. At the same time, with its 110km pure electric range, it can also be used as an electric vehicle under charging conditions, and has a higher coverage of pure electric application scenarios. In addition, there are many policy advantages such as green card in most cities and purchase tax exemption.As for the Song PLUS DM-I, it still uses the electric-oriented drive form, so that it also has good ride. Under the “scheduling” of the E-CVT gearbox and the drive control unit, the Song PLUS DM-I does not have the frustration of the traditional fuel car when shifting gears.Compared with the low model with 51 km pure electric range, this high model has outstanding reacceleration ability in highway conditions, but the overall acceleration performance is slightly inferior to macchiato DHT-PHEV.When it comes to battery packs, the Macchito DHT-PHEV is powered by a Honeycomb Energy high-performance ternary lithium battery with a standard battery range of 110 km, which is better based on the 60-90 km range of its peers.Macchito DHT-PHEV PHEV battery convenience, Macchito DHT-PHEV gave a satisfactory answer of 2.5 hours full, high power charging pile can be filled with 19.94kWh battery pack in 2.5 hours, in addition to support 220V household socket for charging, very convenient.In addition, consumers can make an appointment to charge on their mobile phones or cars. You should know that the electricity bill at night in many areas is lower. Set the time and set off the next morning with full power, which is convenient but also saves a lot of costs.It is worth mentioning that recently, the battery pack of Macchito DHT-PHEV was subjected to a more comprehensive battery safety test conducted by CIRIC, which not only performed well in extrusion and external fire tests, but also achieved good performance in temperature cycling and vehicle immersion, setting an excellent example for competitors of the same level.In contrast, the Song PLUS DM-I blade battery is also known to be made of lithium iron phosphate, but it only has a pure battery range of 110 km in the high-volume model and 51 km in the low-volume model.Byd has been making batteries for many years and has performed well in terms of safety, reliability and economy. However, byd has a conservative adjustment plan for the contribution of battery packs and motors to the overall dynamic performance of vehicles.Conclusion:After a series of comparisons, it is not difficult to see that Macchiato DHT-PHEV, as a compact new energy SUV priced 160-170,000 yuan, reflects a fairly high level of exquisite feeling, and rich comfort configuration and intelligent technology configuration also highlight the fine tradition of Wei Brand, DHT-PHEV system gives consideration to power and economy.It can be said that Macchiato DHT-PHEV is one of the outstanding representatives of new energy SUV models at the same price.