After winning two games in a row against Mali, The Chinese women’s basketball team is looking forward to completing three wins in a row against France in the third game

2022-05-17 0 By

According to the first two games played in Nigeria and Mali state of the Chinese women’s basketball game to beat French women’s basketball team is very difficult to Tokyo Olympic Games women’s basketball team won bronze bronze medal race against Serbia and is eliminated in eight into four match the Chinese team but hope Zheng Wei guidance command team with French women’s basketball team to be sure to cherish the chance of a dozen teams.Tonight’s match in Mali was expected to be a lopsided one, and China’s goal was not to win but to practice their squad for the match against France. However, after leading by 12 points in the first quarter, China lost by three points in the second quarter and ended the game with a nine-point lead that surprised fans.Han Xu is basically not in the state of Li Yueru playing a long time;Only Huang Sijing performed normally as a power forward, gao Song and Pan Zhenqi just took turns to replace Huang Sijing to catch their breath. They both performed poorly. However, Chen power forward is the weak point of Chinese women’s basketball team.China 3-point percentage increase Li Meng  the third quarter, has gained ground Yang Liwei 3-pointers conveniently suddenly found the Chinese women’s basketball team was three points off the rain team in addition to lee month you all like to throw three points in the third quarter end score 70:47 lead 23 points but I still hope that the Chinese women’s basketball team close to the basket more shots to the easier separation as close to the basket into cut, why don’t you often use?Zheng Wei probably needs time to adapt to the new position of head coach of the Chinese national team.Then type out the drill during the game.