If Tesla can raise prices, BYD can’t?Worship foreign things can not!

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Recently, THE news of BYD’s price increase has caused no small disturbance on the Internet. On January 21, BYD released an official message “on the price adjustment of the model”, the details are as follows:”Due to the impact of the sharp rise in raw material prices and new energy car purchase subsidies, BYD Auto will adjust the official guide prices of related new energy models on Dynasty network and Haiyang network to 1000-7000 yuan. For details, please consult local DEALERS of BYD Auto.The price adjustment will take effect from February 1, and customers who paid deposits before signing contracts will not be affected by the price adjustment.2021 is a year of rapid growth in new energy, which can be called the first year of new sales growth.The annual sales volume of 3.545 million new energy units in 2021 is 1.6 times higher than that of last year, which also puts the development of new energy on the fast track.While the new energy industry is developing rapidly, it is also facing the reality of rising raw material prices and gradual decline of state subsidies, so price increase has become an inevitable choice.This new energy price hike is not an alone example. In the first month of 2022, there are many terminal new energy vehicle companies to increase the price of their models. Volkswagen, Xiaopeng Automobile, Ne Zha Automobile, GAC Eon and other new energy vehicle companies have raised the price.Byd will not buy the price, then everyone will increase the price you do not buy new energy vehicles?In this era of all things rising, the price of new energy vehicles is understandable, is a kind of market behavior.Under the market entity, if the price increase is unreasonable, consumers can vote by sales volume. If sales volume is bad, auto companies will naturally lower prices.Byd’s price increase is not sudden and comes with a grace period, allowing customers who order cars before Feb. 1 to take advantage of the price increase.In fact, I have a question, this year’s new energy car prices are very much, why so resistant to BYD’s price rise?Tesla announced price increases for the Rear-drive versions of its Model3 and Model Y models in China as early as December 31.Among them, the price of Model3 rear-wheel drive version increased by 10,000 yuan;The price of the rear-wheel drive Model Y was raised by 21,088 yuan, and in tesla’s comments section, most of the comments were “earned.” Thanks to the fact that cars booked before December 31 earned 20,000 yuan for doing nothing.In the comment area of Tesla’s price hike is a piece of happiness, no one said tesla had gone to the wind, and to byd’s price hike below, is a large number of resistance!Byd and Tesla are both leaders of new energy, and Tesla’s profit is much higher than BYD’s, while BYD’s profit is pitiful despite its large car sales. In this context, the price rise of the two companies presents two completely different scenarios.Two conclusion is actually a kind of behavior, or worship things at work, although the domestic brand development over the years, but some people’s eyes with ten years ago, I feel not domestic, quality is bad, the price is in cut chives, to put it bluntly, is not the domestic brands, think you are not joint venture brands, costs are up you cannot afford to go, why do you want to increase the price?The bottom line is that these people have soft bones.In fact, the price of domestic new energy is not willing to, BYD in last year’s new energy is the most domestic to sell, of course, is not willing to price.Someone said byd price is actually in order to make more money, in fact, byd if you want to make more money, is completely with DM -i can be super hybrid models designed a bit higher price, haven’t this type of models appear before, after all, is the sole one, but the price of byd or design is very friendly, the price of more than 100000,You can buy a super hybrid that costs a lot less than a lot of comparable gas cars.Companies are not doing charity. They will strike a balance between profit and RESEARCH and development. When costs rise, prices will naturally rise.New energy development to the present this point, the market is opened, the subsidy policy of the country is in order to let the market benign development, now the new energy vehicles, more than 20% of the permeability every ten car has two new energy cars, and in this case, don’t need a lot of subsidies, the new energy also can live well.You don’t need a lot of subsidies, not no subsidies, but subsidies that are more targeted and more effective.In 2022, the subsidy standard of new energy vehicles will be reduced by 30% on the basis of 2021, but the national policy will still be tilted.The government is also supporting the new energy industry in Dali. In the future, it will gradually remove restrictions on the purchase of new energy vehicles in Dali, promote the implementation of supporting policies such as exemption from traffic restrictions and right-of-way, strengthen the construction of supporting infrastructure such as electric charging, new energy storage and hydrogenation, and actively promote the development of LNG for vehicles and ships.As the prices of some new energy models rise, consumers may resist, which will have a slight impact on the sales of new energy vehicles.However, the new energy market is still hot, and the new energy orders accumulated in the early stage need to be released. The impact of the decline of new energy may not be serious.Tesla and BYD are relatively competitive and play a certain role in benchmarking. The withdrawal of subsidies may be a good thing for them. They have stronger strength.If Tesla can raise prices, BYD can’t?Worship foreign things can not!