Do you want to buy a house?How to buy a house at a lower price?

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House has always been a topic of concern for most of us. Although the housing price in many cities has shown signs of decline in recent years, it is still out of reach for most people. When buying a house, how to buy a house at a lower price?Before saying this problem, first give everyone a popular science, generally far below the market price of the housing is known as loss.Everyone wants to buy a loss, there are two situations need to be explained first.The first case, the law of the house.There are a lot of distressed companies out there that are going to buy these foreclosures and then sell them on their own, generally at a really low price.The second case, developers reserved housing.In both cases, there is a common feature that ordinary people can hardly get the channels to buy such houses.On the one hand, these two kinds of housing will only appear in niche channels, and are basically paid in full.On the other hand, such housing can be quickly digested by the fired tenants.So for ordinary people, how to buy a house at a lower price?First, buy a price limit new house.This kind of new house is generally lower than the surrounding second-hand house price, it can be said that to buy is to earn, but this kind of house generally need to lottery, can buy all depends on luck.Second, go to the second-hand housing market inside the selection.There are some skills in this, such as the location and transportation of some houses are good, but the dirty and messy house cleaning, many young people see this kind of house subconsciously do not want to choose this kind of house, there are fewer bidders, it is easier to find a point to negotiate the price, the money saved after hand can be used for renovation.Third, improve their qualifications.Credit investigation is very good, the bank flow is very sufficient, mortgage approval will not be a problem, each is actually a bargaining chip.Because a lot of time second-hand house owners or urgent money, or itself is the tenant, this situation they want to quickly return money, this time who can take out the money the fastest, who has the qualification to negotiate.Although the one-time payment is the best, but can buy a house, large probability will not look at the second-hand house, so the second-hand house or the bank loan is in the majority, then the qualification is fully prepared, who talk about the confidence is more sufficient, it is easier to let the owner of the selling house believe that the price is naturally easy to say.If you are lucky enough to meet the speculators, when the price is right, they will sell quickly. After all, for the speculators, the most profitable is always next time, and it is more important to recover the funds as soon as possible.Fourth, personally go to see some real estate, collect more information, look for opportunities, put down.Anyone who can help you bring the price of your home down should get involved.Nothing please eat, get the opportunity to exchange resources.In the next year or two, it will be common for developers to offer discounts to sell apartments, especially in marginal areas.The current situation, a lot of developers also want to return funds quickly, so in the face of such a new home market, we have a bigger bargaining power than before when buying a house, you can see more, talk more, it is very likely to give yourself to win greater concessions.After all, buying a house is a major life event, and it is definitely worth the extra time.Buying a house as an investment approach has gradually faded.But if it is just need, also have the ability and qualification to buy a house, at any time on the car is no problem.In the New Year, I wish the friends who want to buy a house can buy their own satisfactory house.