In the frozen Spring Festival, my thoughts float back to my hometown

2022-05-07 0 By

Time passed too fast, the 2022 New Year’s Eve Spring Festival Gala ended, we bid farewell to the old year and usher in the New Year together in the fire tree and silver flower.Look at all kinds of holiday blessings, one by one to read, this season word twilight er, or feelings.Just like every time lit fireworks, with the wind drift different taste.TV, as always, singing unforgettable tonight, sing the sound of fireworks every year slow.Everything seems to be very good, although can not go back to the New Year, but video call, watch the Spring Festival Gala together, cloud reunion is also a fashion.Unfortunately, it’s really cold in here.When the clock finally struck midnight, my feet were numb and my fingers a little disobedient.It was still a few degrees above zero, but it was raining and several notches colder than minus ten degrees in the north.Especially the weather forecast will continue for several days this rhythm.It’s freezing cold.I stayed up under the covers until eleven o ‘clock this morning.She had no desire to cook.I had a casual lunch, then hid myself in the bedroom.I had planned to go to the movies, but I gave up.I had to give up.Rain outside the window, the south of this piercing cold and wet, in these days of the New Year, incisively and vividly playing power, it is a number of clothes can not resist the penetration!Cha-cha had frozen dumplings for lunch.With the rainy season of Spring Festival, a frozen Spring Festival is created.And home video, full of sunshine, spring weather there.Indeed, as long as there is sunshine in the north, you can feel warmth.In addition, they eat hot pot today, across the screen, feel full of hot air.It’s nice.I feel homesick even more because it is cold. It is rainy season in the next few days. I don’t know if I can muster up the courage to go out of the house.Or do you just keep growing?”Meiyu fine, xiaofeng micro, leaning on the floor people listen to stained clothes.”This poetic, can not help feeling, can not help looking home road.From afar, miss into disease.Once again, I hope that the epidemic will be completely under control as soon as possible. I hope that everything will be as you and I want in the next holiday season, and the world will be safe and sound.The Year of the Tiger begins, and good fortune begins from now on.Happy New Year.​