Gao Tang: 266 epidemic prevention and control volunteers were recruited to buy hand-held ID card readers to strengthen frontline forces

2022-05-05 0 By

On January 25, the Information Office of liaocheng Government held a press conference to introduce the COVID-19 prevention and control situation in Liaocheng.Yang Shuguang, deputy secretary of Gaotang County Party Committee and head of Gaotang County, liaocheng city, said that gaotang County continues to strengthen the frontline strength, the new deployment of isolation point frontline professionals to 139 people, to improve the standardization level of nucleic acid testing.266 volunteers were recruited to improve the capacity of services outside the quarantine point.Strengthen digital empowerment, add 5 handheld ID card readers, can quickly obtain the relevant information of the investigation personnel, improve the speed of high-speed port inspection.Lightning news reporter Shang Kaijun left Xinxin Liaochengtai Dong Jinxin Gao Tang Tai Chang Zhijian Li Na report