Education Ministry: ‘Four breakthroughs’ in basic education in 2022

2022-05-02 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 15 (reporters Hu Hao, Qi Qi)The Ministry of Education (MOE) will continue to consolidate and improve the level of the “double reduction” in schools this year, and achieve “four breakthroughs” in basic education, according to a press conference of the MOE on Thursday.Lyu Yugang, director of the Basic education Department of the Ministry of Education, said basic education in 2022 will focus on achieving “four breakthroughs” in four aspects: strengthening the construction of ideological and political courses in primary and secondary schools, promoting home-school-community cooperation in education, improving the application of information technology, and deepening the comprehensive reform of basic education.According to reports, the Ministry of Education will develop further strengthen the construction of ideological and political courses in primary and secondary schools, focus on improving the professional level of ideological and political teachers;Suggestions on the development and construction of home-school cooperative education mechanism to promote schools, families and society to fulfill their corresponding responsibilities;Integrate the construction of basic education comprehensive management service platform, vigorously promote the joint construction and sharing of high-quality education resources;Deepen the reform of examination evaluation, accelerate the promotion of the unified proposition at the provincial level, and improve the quality of the proposition.Lv Yugang said that in 2022 the Ministry of Education to promote the development of basic education quality as the core task, continue to consolidate to raise the level of school “ShuangJian” work, actively implement the foundation education important deployment “difference”, vigorously implement the strategy of education based on digital action, continue to deepen reform of basic education comprehensive and speed up the construction of high quality basic education system,Train socialist builders and successors who are well developed morally, intellectually, physically, aesthetically, and artistically.