Peng Weibin, Party Secretary and Director of Municipal Bureau of Commerce: Deepen the “five links” to build a strategic node city on the digital Silk Road

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Core content:Focus on “port one thousand, happiness in wenzhou city, city business bureau will push open still wider to the outside world, to build strategic node Numbers silk road city, according to the lead of the reform of digital, to promote to build” neighbourhood “all the way high quality development as the theme, deepening the policy unicom communication, facilities, trade flow, financing, and phase, to achieve higher levels of wenzhou reform,Higher quality development.In the face of the historical trend of global openness and accommodation, Wenzhou is positioned as the “millennium commercial port”. How will it reshape the advantage of Hong Kong’s access to the world?City party congress report proposed to build digital Silk Road strategic node city.”‘ millennium commercial port ‘is the party congress report on Wenzhou’s new city positioning, both historical depth and modern openness, very atmospheric, but also very new.”City party representative, city commerce bureau party secretary, director Peng Weibin said, “this new positioning of our city’s business work put forward a new proposition and a new vision.”In the next step, Wenzhou will take digital reform as the lead and promote high-quality development of the Belt and Road initiative as the theme, deepen policy communication, infrastructure connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people connectivity, and strive to build a high-quality digital Silk Road strategic node city by 2025.Key project cross-border e-commerce “Ynetong” provides one-stop services for enterprises such as online customs declaration, foreign exchange collection and payment, tax exemption declaration and so on.The “digital comprehensive protection” of the COMPREHENSIVE BONDED Zone focuses on the four core contents of government services, enterprise services, collaboration services and park services, accelerates the construction of 18 application scenarios such as general trade import and data collaboration, and comprehensively realizes “data supervision, port opening, efficient entry and exit, and overall control”.Smart ports Strengthen the research and application of 5G-based intelligent cargo handling, remote control, intelligent inspection and real-time positioning at ports and terminals, and promote the in-depth integration of 5G technology with port operations.Global production capacity cooperation promoted the implementation of the overseas innovation Incubation Center project jointly built by Ruian Auto and Motorcycle parts, Italian National Automobile RESEARCH and development Base and Polytechnic University of Turin.It is not only a logistics port, business port, financial port and headquarters port, but also a digital port with booming development of digital manufacturing, digital trade and digital finance.Peng Weibin introduced that “digitalization” will run through all aspects of Wenzhou to build a strategic node city of digital Silk Road, inside and outside.The party congress report mentions “building digital trade online service system”.Peng weibin said the city will further promote the construction of two major systems, the “One Net” online service system for cross-border e-commerce and the “digital comprehensive insurance” system for the comprehensive bonded zone.The former can provide a more convenient business environment for trading enterprises, while the latter will create a visual digital comprehensive insurance platform with the application of “digital comprehensive insurance”, Zhejiang Zhengding, Zheli Office, oujiang Kou “City Brain” and other entrances.In terms of “digital logistics”, the continuous maturity of 5G technology will facilitate the construction of smart ports, making logistics, information flow and capital flow more smooth and efficient.In the next five years, the construction of digital infrastructure will be strengthened in wenzhou’s land, sea and air passages.Based on digital economy development, zhuhai will explore new paths, digital innovation actively integrating into the world of electronic trading platform (eWTP), international cooperation, strengthening the digital economy and speed up the exploration digital financial service innovation, build “national independent innovation demonstration zone in wenzhou, ring he mountain kechuang corridor, southern of science and technology city” financial arrangement and service system of science and technology, etc.”There will be more and more digitally enabled scenarios, and the extent of them will get deeper and deeper.”Peng Weibin said, “Using digital technology, digital thinking and digital cognition, we can break data barriers, do real digital dividends, promote system remodeling, and inject stronger impetus into the development of the ‘millennium commercial port’ in the new era.”According to the report of the CPC Congress, it is necessary to build a strategic node city of the digital Silk Road. Many of the contents involve “cooperation” — deepening the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones, first promoting international cooperation in digital economy, and deepening cooperation between international sister cities.Peng Weibin said that to build a strategic node city on the digital Silk Road, Wenzhou will combine innovation to promote “bringing in” and “going out”, adhere to expanding two-way opening-up, and promote the sustainable prosperity and development of “millennium commercial port” wenzhou through two-way exchanges.”Bring in” should be more precise.In the next five years, Wenzhou will deepen the global precision production capacity cooperation in the fields of high-end manufacturing, modern information industry and international trade, and implement a certain number of global, strategic and forward-looking international production capacity cooperation projects.”The report also mentioned deepening international sister city cooperation. Going forward, We will actively explore china-Italy talent exchange, China-Germany modern manufacturing and China-New Zealand industrial park cooperation.”Peng Weibin said.To “go global”, we need to broaden our scope.Wenzhou will establish a digital overseas cooperation zone, encourage digital economy enterprises to build scientific and technological r&d overseas economic and trade cooperation zone, and promote digital economy-related enterprises to gather in overseas economic and trade cooperation zone.Explore the joint development of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones and comprehensive trial zones of cross-border e-commerce, jointly promote the construction of digital overseas warehouses, and promote the “going global” of cross-border e-commerce enterprises and the digitalization of industries in the cooperation zones.”The implementation of the public overseas warehouse 2.0 project has also been written into the report of the Party Congress,” Peng said. “We will continue to speed up the opening of ports and improve the level of cross-border trade facilitation.”In addition, Wenzhou will actively promote overseas resource cooperation and international Marine cooperation, especially in the field of new energy, and explore cross-border carbon sink trading.The Silk Road includes not only economic cooperation and production capacity cooperation, but also educational cooperation and cultural and people-to-people exchanges.In terms of deepening international education cooperation, in the next five years, Wenzhou Kean University will strive to build wenzhou Kean University into a high-level international application-oriented university, support qualified universities and enterprises to join hands to “go global”, build overseas “Silk Road College”, and explore overseas education and cross-border technical skills training.Wenzhou’s digital culture industry, especially the intelligent catering industry, should be strengthened in overseas communication and publicity, and the happy and warm Wenzhou story should be told to the world.Peng Weibin said that to build Wenzhou into a digital Silk Road strategic node city with high quality is to build a frontier platform for innovation and development, an important channel for facility connectivity, a platform carrier for industrial cooperation and expansion, a pioneering area for institutional and institutional innovation, and an important link for cultural exchanges and interactions.Building wenzhou into a digital Silk Road strategic node city with high quality is conducive to stimulating the great potential of “Hong Kong Connect the future”, building Wenzhou into a vibrant city with access to all continents and connecting the world, and regenerating the vitality and charm of the thousand-year-old commercial port.Source: Wenzhou Metropolis Daily Wen Bao Group all media reporter Yang Xiaoyan editor: Zheng Liuying Supervisor: Hu Enqiang Liu Yao statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: