The comprehensive output value of Yunnan Lufeng flower industry will break through 3.5 billion yuan

2022-04-27 0 By

In lufeng city, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan Province, cherry blossoms are flourishing in the early spring. All kinds of flowers, whether in fields or greenhouses, are in full bloom.The cymbidium, the tulips, the roses, carnations, the platycodon, and the peach blossoms of the small jasper are all in a sea of flowers.Lufeng flowers.In recent years, Lufeng has been focusing on the market orientation and industrial development advantages, seizing opportunities, actively expanding the area, building bases, attracting businesses, gathering talents and training subjects. The flower industry has developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results.A number of enterprises have been settled in Lufeng flower industry development leader.Rose, carnation, lily, platycodon grandiflorum and other varieties are the main fresh cut flowers, potted ornamental flowers are anacarpals, large flowers, phalaenopsis varieties, and edible flowers are mainly edible roses.Products are mainly sold to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen first-tier cities and Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries.In Lufeng city, the flower industry is gathering to the suitable production areas, forming three flower industry advantage development areas: Caiyun (Caiyun, Dinoshan, Tuguan), Jinshan (Jinshan, Zhongcun), And Luoci (Qinfeng, Renxing, Bicheng, heping). The flower planting area and output value account for more than 96.35% of the whole city.In particular, rose-based fresh cut flower production base is famous in Yunnan flower market. In 2021, the planting area of fresh cut flowers in Luozi district will exceed 19,000 mu and reach 19,848.7 mu, and the planting area of rose will exceed 10,000 mu and reach 13,639.3 mu.Lufeng flowers.At the end of last year, lufeng’s flower planting area reached 3507 mu, and the output reached 1106.857 million branches. The output value of flowers broke through 1.2 billion yuan and reached 1.20193 billion yuan. The development of flower industry has made an important contribution to the development of plateau characteristic modern agriculture and poverty alleviation.During the “14th Five-year Plan” period, Lufeng will aim to build a “boutique flower base”, comprehensively transform the traditional planting mode, and achieve quality and efficiency improvement of flowers. The flower area will be stable at 30,000 mu, the output of fresh cut flowers will be 2 billion, and the comprehensive output value will reach more than 3.5 billion yuan.(Reporter Huang Yuanyuan cao Qianwen/Photo)