Which horoscope fair fair aboveboard, never play a plot to make shady move

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Superior IQ eq to do things, in a fair and aboveboard, be frank and open, never play conspiracy behind the constellation has so some of the constellations, their IQ eq superior, they are trying to struggle, they are all areas of outstanding talents, their perseverance full, any difficulties in front of them is DunShen, these signs do a fair and just, and aboveboard, be frank and open,Never play dirty behind, not like some people, in order to achieve a goal by hook or by crook, not behind the constellation play dirty.A, Scorpio, Scorpio high cold mystery, profound. They are high IQ eq people, their sixth sense super quasi, can see through the heart, don’t game before them, otherwise you will be the duke guan front play long-handled sword, acting again good people will be through Scorpio, playing in front of Scorpio slanting idea, is the emperor’s new clothes, and Scorpio contact for a long time,Will know they are a look let a person see through glass, they will not hide their emotions, what will soon appear in my heart, if they hate a person, not many adversaries to the Milky Way, but a face of abandon disgust from Scorpio in the workplace, blunt not two, not afraid, afraid to upset people, for career even in the face of superior leadership,They wouldn’t be afraid to offend their unfair and unreasonable things, dare to battle righteousness, Scorpio is more not to achieve their goals and do sell behind colleagues is the most look down on people, they are torn, to achieve his goal by hook or by crook, Scorpio to this kind of people are too lazy to even perfunctory, stay at a respectful distance from sb, never interacting with them,Scorpio is always on the side of justice, they are fair and just, although a little extreme, but they are the embodiment of justice, justice is never absent in Scorpio.Second, Taurus, Taurus composed inside collect, low-key simple, seemingly wooden their appearance, but in fact is the invisible IQ, eq, they do everything, the in the mind have scale, they never do, in order to achieve their objective and fair, they will rely on his own strength to strive for in the workplace, Taurus will not do harm,Standing on others climb is they immediately, by the real power, rather than opportunistic, flattery, more won’t play tricks behind, slander others, raise themselves, they prefer to fair competition, Taurus to friends is very helpful, so make friends with Taurus always don’t have to worry about being sold, if you have a Taurus friend, cherish it for you.Third, Aries, Aries, and the sun warm and outgoing, they were not low IQ eq, only the surface is always a woman.she looked silly, don’t be puzzled by their appearance, and they spell IQ, eq, you will surely lose ugly, Aries like making friends, sociable, so they all kinds of friends around a lot, in the workplace Aries,Work be frank and open and aboveboard, have 2 say 2 a spade a spade, although they are a lot of times some slips of the tongue, but they never do engagements, cannot move, behind what they will say to do it, the light will not go to dozen small report, behind the degeneration, damaged reputation, other others please leadership, they like to use their own strength to speak, fair competition,Open and aboveboard.