The kite yard “took off”

2022-04-25 0 By

Zhao Yanfang paints a traditional kite.Langfang Media network news (reporter Wang Yangyang) recently, The Anchi District of the “kite yard” a busy.The sound of “hissing” splitting bamboo and “squeaking” sawing bamboo came from the studio. The owner of the small yard, Zhao Yanfang, concentrated on the operation with her head down.”This is a key step in traditional sandswallow kite making.”A few bamboo sticks in Zhao Yanfang’s flexible hands flipped several times, the kite skeleton was placed on the table.Dozens of square meters of the working room, placed in the fat yan, thin Yan, flying yan and other traditional sand swallow kites, the table filled with exquisite handicrafts ornaments.Tishili is the birthplace, inheritance and production of Chinese court kites, with a history of more than 500 years.After 90 Zhao Yanfang grew up from the village, her heart has a “kite line” hold entangle.In 2017, after graduating from college, she quit her job to open the Kite Courtyard.At first, Zhao Yanfang propagated through we-media to attract people to the small courtyard to experience traditional kite making, painting, pasting and assembly.Experience more, Zhao Yanfang’s troubles.”The space is limited, the project is single, and the kite culture is not fully displayed.Thanks to the government and the Women’s Federation, I had many opportunities to study abroad, which opened my mind to the idea of extending the kite industry chain with the help of the Internet.”Ask for needs, send knowledge, send skills…The precise care of a series of policies, let Zhao Yanfang no worries.She renovated the spare room at home into a kite painting and production studio, exhibition room and library, and made her own hair cards, brooches and other handicrafts, integrating the cultural characteristics of kites, auspicious meaning and other elements.Zhao Yanfang details her story with the kite: intangible heritage kite research into the campus;Hold individual exhibition of handmade kite;To Shijiazhuang, Qinhuangdao and other places to observe and learn, with Internet technology to help the kite “take off”;Fumble to open network live broadcast, spread kite culture……”Before, we only sold traditional kites with a single product.Now, there’s more variety, more ways to live, more stability.””Zhao Yanfang said.”Kite Yard” has been operating for more than 4 years, and traditional kite making and kite derivatives are popular.From simple kite flying to cultural heritage + experience, new thinking, new mode, let the traditional kite industry a new start.