Biden did not expect that the Russian military took the US by surprise after the situation between Russia and Ukraine turned around overnight

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Recently, the US media has reported that Russia is likely to invade Ukraine on February 16.In addition, US President Joe Biden also made a similar statement, he also urged American citizens in Ukraine to leave the country as soon as possible.As Europe frets over the border with Ukraine, the situation has suddenly changed dramatically overnight.What Biden never expected was that Russia would announce its withdrawal on Thursday, which caught the U.S. off guard.The Russian side announced that some of its soldiers had completed military exercises and would return to their original bases from the border area.But several countries, including the United States, say they have so far found no signs that Russian troops have begun to withdraw.On The 17th, The Russian side responded to the incident again, saying that it will take some time to return to the original place after the completion of the exercise, and the Russian troops cannot withdraw in a day.In addition, according to Reuters, sources in the United States said that Russia has not withdrawn troops recently, but also beefed up its military deployment in the border area, sending a total of 7,000 troops to the border area, some of which just arrived in the border area on The same day.Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said Ukraine remained at risk of Russian military action in the coming days.He said there were indications that Russia was planning covert operations to find a pretext for war.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that there is no concrete action to show that Russian troops have started to withdraw from the border area, and the so-called withdrawal of Russian troops is likely to be just lip service.In addition, he also stressed that although there is a risk of war between Russia and Ukraine, but a war between Russia and Ukraine is not imminent, has not reached the point of imminent conflict.NATO has maintained a positive attitude towards the withdrawal of Russian troops, but says the situation has not yet de-escalated.In fact, since the beginning of the current crisis, Russia has not publicly said that it would launch military action against any country, but has repeatedly stressed that the Russian army has no operational plan and is not prepared for a war with any country.In addition, The Russian side also demanded that NATO must give security commitments on such matters as eastward expansion to ensure national security.However, in the face of Russia’s security concerns, the US and other countries have not listened to Russia’s suggestions. Instead, they have tried to escalate the situation through various means, which has become one of the root causes of regional instability and is not conducive to easing the situation.Now China and many others are calling on the West to stop hyping up the war sentiment, which could lead to a worsening of the situation, which would have a major impact on Europe and the world.Disclaimer: This article is created by “times interpretation”, pictures source network, if there is infringement, please contact us.Part of the news reference source: International online